Stanford Center for
Biomedical Ethics


Mildred Cho, Penny Nelson

Panel #1

Psychiatric Genetics: Methods, Findings and Ethical Issues
Kenneth Kendler

Behavioral and Psychiatric Genetics: Learning from History
Kenneth Schaffner

Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics: A Useful Distinction?
Joachim Hallmayer

What is the impact of the sequencing of the human genome and the increasing development of genomic technologies on the study of complex behavioral traits?
Richard M. Myers

20 minute moderator led deliberative discussion

Panel #2

Can An Understanding of The Origins of Individual Differences in Behavior Be Achieved Without Behavioral Genetic Methodology?
Matthew McGue

The Contribution of Gene-environment Interplay to Psychiatric Disorders and Behavior
Anita Thapar

The Meaning of "Complexity" in Determination of Behavior
Marc Feldman

20 minute moderator led deliberative discussion

15 minute coffee break

Panel #3

Phenotypes, Social Constructionism, and the Spurious Finding
Nancy Press

Challenging or Reinforcing Social Prejudice?
Helen Longino

Behavioral Genetics and Equality
Dan Brock

Recent Use of Behavioral Genetics in Criminal Cases
Nita Farahany

Barry Steinhardt
Note: Mr. Steinhardt is unable to attend the conference due to injury.

Impact of Behavior Genetics on Medicine and Society
Dean Hamer

45 min moderator led deliberative discussion


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