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  Contact Information Expertise & Interests CIRGE Projects

Principal Investigator

Mildred Cho
SCBE Associate Director, Professor (Research) of Pediatrics
phone: (650) 725-7993

Research Ethics, Biology, Health Policy BECS, LSSE, Personal Genomics,
Training & Education


LaVera Crawley (former)
Assistant Professor
(Research) of Pediatrics (Medical Genetics/
Biomedical Ethics)

Population Ethics, Race/Ethnicity in Health Care BECS

Marc Feldman
Burnet C. and Mildred Finley Wohlford Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences
phone: (650) 725-1867
Population Genetics

Hank Greely
Deane F. and Kate Edelman Johnson Professor of Law
and, by courtesy, of Genetics
phone: (650) 723-2517
Law, Research Ethics,

Joachim Hallmayer
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
phone: (650) 724-6573
Neurogenetics, Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences Autism Project
Sandra Soo-Jin Lee
SCBE Senior Research
phone: (650) 498-7426
Medical Anthropology, Human Genetic Variation, Personal Genomics  
Doug Levinson
Walter E. Nichols, M.D. Professor in the School of Medicine
phone: (650) 724-2827

Genetics and Psychiatric Disorders, Behavioral Sciences  

Helen Longino
Clarence Irving Lewis
Professor in Philosophy
phone: (650) 724-9596
Philosophy of Science,
Social Epistemology,
Feminist Philosophy

David Magnus
SCBE Director, Thomas A. Raffin Professor in
Medicine and Biomedical
Ethics, Co-Chair of the
Stanford Hospital and
Clinics Ethics Committee
phone: (650) 723-7735
Philosophy, History of
Science, Research Ethics,
Clinical Ethics
Training & Education

Mary Norton
Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology - Maternal Fetal Medicine at the School of Medicine
phone: (650) 736-0296


Kelly Ormond
Associate Professor
(Teaching) of Genetics,
Program Director MS in
Human Genetics and
Genetic Counseling
phone: (650) 736-9847
Genetic Counseling, Disability, Personal Genomics Personal Genomics

Chris Scott
SCBE Senior Research
Scholar; Director of Stem Cells in Society Program
phone: (650) 725-6103
Stem Cells BECS
Paul Wise
Richard E. Behrman
Professor in Child Health
and Professor, by courtesy,
of Health Research and Policy
phone: (650) 725-5645
Children's Health Policy,
Health Outcome Disparities,
Impact of Medical Technology
Disease Classification


Russ Altman
Guidant Professor for
Applied Biomedical
Engineering and Professor
of Genetics, of Medicine,
and, by courtesy, of
Computer Science
phone: (650) 723-3465
Application of Computer Technologies to Molecular Biology and Medicine  

Atul Butte
Assistant Professor of
Medicine (Medical
Informatics) and of
Pediatrics and, by courtesy,
of Computer Science
phone: (650) 723-3465
Biomedical Informatics,

Disease Classification

Nita Farahany
Professor of Law, Duke University

Law and Biosciences, Neuroethics, Behavioral Genetics  

Louanne Hudgins
Professor of Pediatrics
at LPCH and, by courtesy,
of Obstetrics and
Gynecology at SUMC
phone: (650) 723-6858
Clinical Genetics; Perinatal Genetics

Personal Genomics


Jaime King
Associate Professor of Law, University of California Hastings College of the Law
phone: (415) 581-8834
Law, Science, and Health Policy; Reproductive Technologies  

Stephen Quake
Lee Otterson Professor
in the School of
Engineering and Professor,
by courtesy, of Applied
Physics and Physics
phone: (650) 736-7890
Single Molecule Biophysics, Integrated Microfluidics, Large Scale Biological Automation  

Laura Roberts
Chief, Psychiatry, Stanford Hospital and Clinics
phone: (650) 723-8290
Ethical Issues in Medicine and Health Policy  

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Stephanie Alessi
phone: (650) 725-4027

Law, Health Policy, Behavioral Genetics, Research Ethics. Maternal Serum Cell-Free Fetal DNA

Program Manager

Tacy Abbott

B.A. in Sociology
phone: (650) 736-0954



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